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Perfect Workout (60 minutes)

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The Perfect Workout at Mike Cola Fitness

The goal of Mike Cola Fitness is to get every client performing the “Perfect Workout”.  The “Perfect Workout” is defined as the following: a training session that gives the client the most reward with the least amount of injury risk. Mike Cola Fitness is all about injury-free training while addressing all the components of a proper fitness program based on everyone’s individual goals.

The “Perfect Workout” will accomplish the following: build muscle, firm you up, increase your cardiovascular strength, improve your flexibility, make you more agile, help you with your balance, prevent and rehab injuries while you lose weight, and improve your overall health.

Mike has used his 25 years of experience with training clients to formulate the “Perfect Workout”. Over the years he has tried every possible training system, method and approach and has concluded what follows.  All your hard training sessions should be relatively short in duration and all your longer training sessions should be easy workouts. You should control your weight with your diet and not with long hard frequent workouts.  In general, this is the basic philosophy behind the “Perfect Workout”.

The “Perfect Workout” is 45 to 60 minutes long with a combination of hard and easy workouts performed at different tempos. Sometimes you will be moving your body explosively while other times very slowly. You will always be moving and training in all three plains of motion evenly, to keep the body in balance. The workout is broken down into various phases each creating a specific response. Each phase will address a different component of fitness. Each client’s individual goals will determine how much time is spent on each phase. But no phase will be left out of the equation.


Example of “The Perfect Workout”

Phase One: Vo2 Max Training (6 to12 minutes)

  • Clients are recommended to perform 6 to 12 minutes of interval type cardiovascular training.
  • Clients can use the stepper or elliptical to perform their hard short interval workout.
  • Short hard intervals are one of the best ways to improve your Vo2 max which is a great indicator of how aerobically fit you are.
  • All you need to do is a few hard intervals a couple of times per week to be very aerobically fit.
  • Keep in mind you are not doing aerobics to burn calories; the goal is to make your heart stronger.

Phase Two: Dynamic Movement Training (5 to 7 minutes)

  • Clients have to learn how to move dynamically in all three plains of motion.
  • Clients will be performing medicine ball drills and body weight exercises in all three plains of motion at medium tempo.
  • These dynamic movement drills improve your agility, help with balance, build muscular endurance and create muscular balance throughout the body.  In addition, it’s a great warm-up for harder workouts.

Phase Three: Resistance Training (25 to 35 minutes)

  • Clients will be muscle building (and or rehabbing and sport specific training).
  • Clients are recommended to perform full body muscle building sessions that consist of free weights, machines, bands, and body weight exercises all performed at a slow tempo. Static contraction is also used.
  • One hard work set is the goal of every exercise. Most clients want to build muscular strength without overly volumizing (making bigger) the muscle cell. One set is all you need to create a response.
  • The basic compound and isolated movements like squats, lunges, presses and curls (to name a few) are the safest and best exercises to firm and shape the body without taking on too much injury risk.
  • This resistance phase is the longest and gives the trainer the most leeway to adjust it to every client’s individual needs. If someone has an injury, rehab can be undertaken here. It someone wants more of a bodybuilding program or if someone is training for a specific sport, it can be done in this phase.

Phase Four: Explosive Movement with Trainer (3 to 7 minutes)

  • This is an optional phase but recommended for most clients. Clients need to be able to move quickly and explosively if they have to.
  • Clients will perform some type of jumping, hopping or upper body polymeric type training, at a quick tempo. Kettlebell exercises can be performed in this phase, as well.
  • This type of training should be kept short and hard to prevent injury and over training. Keep in mind, a little bit of this type of training goes a long way to improve your speed, balance, strength and reaction time.

Phase Five: Mobility Movement, Active Stretching and Cool-Down with Trainer (5 to 10 minutes)

  • All training sessions end with some easy movement patterns that lubricate the joints and leave you feeling great.
  • Active stretching is used to safely increase your flexibility. Joint modality can be performed here, as well.

The “Perfect Workout” should be performed two to three days per week depending on your goals and age. The older you are the more time you need to recover from your harder workouts. For example, if you are 25 years old, three times per week can be fine but if you are in your 50s only two “Perfect Workouts” are recommended.  Keep in mind we also want you to perform long easy workouts as often as possible on your own.

The only component that is missing from the “Perfect Workout” is the long and easy active lifestyle phase. These long easy workouts like walking for 60 to 90 minutes or taking a long easy bike ride whenever you can, is very important for your overall health and wellness. An active lifestyle is just as important as the “Perfect Workout”. At least three days per week we recommend you undertake an easy long activity or active lifestyle activity. It can be gardening, cleaning the house or anything that will not make you sore the next day, but keeps you moving and feeling good all over.

If you are interested in experiencing all the benefits of the “Perfect Workout”, call Mike Cola Fitness today (914-864-2235) and set up a free consultation with  Mike Cola.

Hire a qualified trainer and get in amazing shape. You deserve it!

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Mike Cola

Mike Cola has well over 50,000 hours of hands-on personal training experience. He started his own personal training studio in 1989, Mike Cola Fitness. Mike has advanced certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine and other National certifying bodies. In addition, Mike is a Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist and has a BA with studies in exercise physiology, nutrition and biomechanics. Mike started Fitness Contrarian, a health and fitness web site, in 2009

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