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Best Way To Stretch

No Comments 29 October 2017

Find out what is the best way to stretch. Active vs passive stretching.

All about isometric exercise. Learn the science behind isometrics.

How to use isometric exercise for strength, hypertrophy and injury prevention.




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Get Six Pack Abs In Mt Kisco

No Comments 29 October 2017

How to get Six pack abs if you are over 40….Safe and effective abdominal programs.

This exercises will hit all the core muscles, transversus abdominis, internal and external obliques, rectus abdominis, and more. These non-movements exercises are very safe and effective way to train.

Best Gym in Mt Kisco…..Mike Cola Fitness.

Hire a qualified trainer and get in amazing shape. You deserve it!

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Mike Cola

Mike Cola has well over 50,000 hours of hands-on personal training experience. He started his own personal training studio in 1989, Mike Cola Fitness. Mike has advanced certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine and other National certifying bodies. In addition, Mike is a Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist and has a BA with studies in exercise physiology, nutrition and biomechanics. Mike started Fitness Contrarian, a health and fitness web site, in 2009

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