Weight Loss

Weight Loss And Sugar – Best Weight Loss Program In Mt Kisco

No Comments 07 November 2017

All about sugar and weight loss. How to lose weight by understanding how blood sugar effects the body.

How different hormones regulate sugar like insulin and glucagon. How sugar is stored and used in the body ( Muscle Glycogen vs Liver Glycogen).

Tips on how to reduce the amount of sugar in your diet to lose weight and prevent diseases like metabolic syndrome, fatty liver disease, diabetes, insulin resistance and obesity.

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Weight Loss

Avoid The Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

No Comments 29 October 2017

How to avoid the biggest Weight loss mistakes for men and women over 40. Learn how to lose weight fast and keep it off.

Don’t make this weight loss diet mistake!

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Weight Loss

Videos on nutrition, weight loss and low carbohydrate eating.

No Comments 14 June 2017

Videos on nutrition, weight loss and low carbohydrate eating.

Weight Loss Video Tips…..Easy ways to keep your weight under control.

by Mike Cola

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Mike Cola

Mike Cola has well over 50,000 hours of hands-on personal training experience. He started his own personal training studio in 1989, Mike Cola Fitness. Mike has advanced certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine and other National certifying bodies. In addition, Mike is a Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist and has a BA with studies in exercise physiology, nutrition and biomechanics. Mike started Fitness Contrarian, a health and fitness web site, in 2009

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